'Bitcoin' Added to List of Scrabble Words

Along with some other ones, such as 'Ok', 'Bitcoin' has been added to the list of playable Scrabble words. It's about time!

The classic board game is finally getting in the cryptocurrency trend.

Scrabble players can now officially use the word “Bitcoin” as a playable word in the infamous Hasbro game, Scrabble. Merriam-Webster’s announced its latest updated version of the official Scrabble dictionary on Monday.

Merriam-Webster, which maintains the game’s official set of acceptable words, updated its sixth edition of the Scrabble Dictionary to include 300 new words - with “bitcoin” making it on that list for the first time.

The noun “bitcoin,” described by the dictionary as “a digital currency,” would be worth at least nine points in Scrabble, based on the game’s scoring. ‘Bitcoin’ is an 11 point word as well (which is really good for those who haven’t played Scrabble.)

While Merriam-Webster’s regular dictionary added the word “bitcoin” in 2016, the Scrabble Dictionary is updated less frequently, and the popular form of digital currency was not included in the previous edition released in 2014, and understandably so. Bitcoin did not become mainstream until early 2017.

The total bitcoin supply on the market is currently valued at more than $113 billion, and the cryptocurrency has been the subject of consistent speculation among investors and entrepreneurs in recent years.

Now, we wait until ‘Fortnite’ becomes a playable word in 2022.

Photo by Melinda Gimpel on Unsplash.

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