Bitcoin Core or Bitcoin Cash?

Bitcoin has ruled the crypto market since its beginning, but will it last much longer with Bitcoin Cash around?

August 1, 2017 was the dawn of BCH, or BitcoinCash. Bitcoin Cash was the result of a disagreement between the developers and the miners. Because this hardfork, which is basically a branch of the old protocol, in this case Bitcoin Core, was so recent, the dispute between the two cryptocurrencies is in full effect, the Bitcoin civil war has begun. Bitcoin Cash is worth even more than Ethereum, by over USD$200 at the time of writing, so what makes this cryptocurrency so popular among miners and investors?

To start off, the hardfork of Bitcoin was caused by capacity issues. I personally recall paying a few dollars and a transaction taking the entire day before it was finally confirmed, and this was very, very common. If Bitcoin did not hardfork, then chances are, the first cryptocurrency would have suffered a terrible end, with other cryptocurrencies being superior and offering more anonymity, shorter transaction times, etc. – but that’s just my opinion.

Let’s get down to the question: Should you invest in Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash? The short answer, is Bitcoin Cash.

Bitcoin Cash has a newer community, more potential for growth, very low transaction fees, more features such as anti-“spam” measures, tokenizing methods, smart contracts, and zero-confirmation transactions, all of which Bitcoin Core lacks, and I could go on. Now, I’m not trying to say Bitcoin Core is a bad investment or anything of the sort, nothing like that at all. But with these new features, with the possibility of transactions becoming instant in Bitcoin cash, and having smart contracts among other features, it’s room to grow is much greater than Bitcoin that has been around for about a decade or so. It has the opportunity to be Satoshi’s true vision of Bitcoin, but will it’s developers seize that opportunity and make into something amazing? Let us know what you think in the comments below, and why!

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